Raising a Confident Child

All children are born with individual temperaments, and these are merely different ways a child interacts with the world and others around them. What we often fail to understand is that shyness or a lack of confidence is just one type of temperament and if your child is shy, it’s not always something negative. We know that the role [...]

April 26th, 2019|

Let Your Child’s Curiosity Run Wild at Crestar

It goes without saying that it’s important to get young children involved in activities that will reap long-term benefits and cultivate useful abilities that will stay with them throughout their lives. The best way to do this would be to leverage on the many different types of enrichment classes for kids available out there. Every child can [...]

April 15th, 2019|

A Magical March School Holiday with Crestar Dance

Crestar recently held an exciting event for the young ones during the March school holidays. The Princess Ballerina Holiday Programme, which spanned three immersive and enchanting days, from 18 to 20 March, saw children introduced to the basics of ballet, leaving them enamoured with the riveting dance form. Under the tutelage of our experienced dance professionals with accreditation from [...]

April 3rd, 2019|

Beijing Crestar Ballet Academy bags 2 Gold Medals at International Dance Art Festival

Flawless execution, dexterity and confidence displayed by children from the Crestar Ballet Academy, Beijing won over the judges and audience at an international dance competition. They performed to an interpretation of “The Swan” from Swan Lake and “The Merry Little Lambs”, a scene from the movie The Sound of Music. The impeccable performances clinched for them two gold medals [...]

April 1st, 2019|

Crestar School of Dance @ Toa Payoh partners with its Principal to boost programmes

Crestar School of Dance, one of the most established private dance schools in Singapore, has gone into a joint venture with Ms Pamela Carvalho. Ms Pamela is a long-time teacher and principal, and will be running and managing the newly-opened dedicated dance school in Toa Payoh. Ms Pamela Carvalho (Managing Principal of Toa Payoh) and Mr Ng [...]

March 26th, 2019|
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