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Abacus & Mental Arithmetic

Ages 4 to 7 years old

Developed exclusively for Crestar Learning Centre by abacus experts from Taiwan, our Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Course is designed to maximise every child’s mental agility. With the use of the right techniques that tackle complicated mental calculation, the programme sharpens memory and concentration abilities.

Core Benefits of Crestar’s Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Course:

  • The coordinated use of the brain, eyes and hands sharpen a child’s memory and concentration power.
  • Develops a child’s creativity.
  • Aids the development of the left and right brain through use of mental imagery to calculate and do sums.
  • Progressive training in understanding numerical concepts in a stress-free environment.
  • Builds a child’s mental calculation skills, providing him or her with the ability to use traditional calculation tools to reach scientific educational results.
  • Enables child to do mental calculations that involve single digits and complex mathematical formulae.
  • Trains child to be disciplined, patient and confident.
  • Spurs an interest in numbers.