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Extremely beneficial to children in more than one way, music has been known to enhance brain function and structure, improve speech development and reading, develop math skills, spatial intelligence and ability.

That’s not all. Studies have shown that music improves memory skills, concentration and attention. Like playing sports, music also helps develop motor skills and increases coordination. In large group performances, children learn to work together as a team and develop a sense of empathy which enables them to better tune into people’s emotions.

Above all, mastering music leads to a sense of pride and achievement, and helps children to learn self-discipline. It’s a way of expression, an avenue to unleash creativity and to stay inspired.

Young children learn to play the violin in the same way they learn language. Crestar taps into a method that teaches music based on the principles of language acquisition. The principles stem from listening, constant repetition, reading and learning alongside other children. Parental support and encouragement also plays an important role.

We also believe in teaching the concept of ‘character first, ability second’. Aside from mastering a musical instrument, we believe in embracing your child, nurturing his character and love for music.

Crestar’s piano lessons are designed to develop social and music skills in your child that will stay with them for life. Led by our established team of trained instructors, our programme facilitates the effective learning of essential music elements that include musical and rhythmic awareness, hand-eye coordination, hearing, singing and note reading abilities.