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About ArtMazing

ArtMazing was created with the goal of providing an engaging yet more meaningful art learning journey for your child. It provides a learning space for your child to explore different art media and is designed to allow for greater creative expression while appreciating the art works of others.

Our curriculum has adopted the inter-disciplinary approach by infusing other subject areas into the art lessons.

The ArtMazing Curriculum

  • Exposure to a wide range of skills, techniques, artists, movements and medium
  • Various themes with a contemporary art approach
  • Develop artistic expression, cognitive and motor skills

Programme Highlights

  • Creative space for discovery and learning
  • Produce artwork that reflects individual’s art styles and identities
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Express and explore creatively with curiosity and imagination

Our ArtMazing Roadmap

Why Choose Us

Integrated Learning

Integrate other subject’s disciplines and knowledge in the art curriculum, working across various themes.

Creative Space and Expression

Unleash creativity and foster artistic expression through experimentation, exploration and the artistic processes.

Preparation of Art Portfolio

Build comprehensive portfolio and showcase your artistic talents in the technical and creative aspects.

Various Themes with a Contemporary Art Approach

In depth learning and exposure to a wide range of skills, techniques, artists, movements, medium and not limiting to one media.