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Enrichment Programmes Provider for Preschools

With over 45 years of experience, Crestar Learning Centre offers a wide range of specially-designed creative and interactive enrichment programmes for budding young talents.

Over the years, we extended our services and became an enrichment programme provider to kindergartens and childcare centres in Singapore, bringing our well-received programmes directly to early childhood institutions. Our interactive curriculum allow the children to grow holistically and continues to nurture confident talents.

Our Programmes (Suitable for ages 4-6):

  • Abacus and Mental Arithmetic
    Crestar’s Abacus and Mental Arithmetic programme is developed exclusively by Taiwanese abacus experts. Specially-designed curriculum to enhance a child’s cognitive abilities through visualisation of complicated calculations.
  • Art
    Achieve mastery of a thousand languages through Crestar’s Artmazing programme. Adopting the inter-disciplinary approach, multiple subject areas are infused into the lessons. This allow students to achieve the highest possible artistic and intellectual standards. Watch as they effectively and confidently express thoughts and feelings through their colourful creations.
  • Chinese Speech and Drama
    Instil the love of Chinese language and build their confidence through our unique Chinese Speech and Drama programme. Your child will be engaged in drama games, learning the correct pronunciation and articulation of the language. There will be opportunities for show and tell.
  • Dance
    Enhance their physical, social and emotional development through Crestar’s dance programme. The physical and sensory experience builds a strong foundation of mental focus, discipline and perseverance. Events are organised for students to showcase their talents and achievements. 
  • K-Pop
    Customised for pre-schoolers in learning the trendiest K-Pop moves. Lessons specially curated for enhanced learning experience. Build up mental strength, improve agility and motor skills as well as instil confidence in your child.
  • English Speech and Drama
    Let your child explore a world of creativity and imagination, where colourful story characters come to life. Improve their social skills and confidence through clear articulation and expression of the English language through poetry recitals and fun tongue twisters.
  • Thinking Cap Science
    Thinking Cap Science seeks to inspire and ignite the world of imagination of every child to achieve their highest potential to be innovative thinkers, future inventors, and creative problem solvers!

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