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Enrichment Classes for Ages 5 – 14

Our Speech & Drama programme brings every child into a world of creativity and imagination, where colourful story characters and animated puppets come to life.  Through every dramatically-engaging lesson, children develop social skills and confidence through group drama and skits, as well as acquire clear articulation through poetry recitals and fun tongue twisters.

With focus on stories, music, props and characters as well as communication and conversation, children will begin their use of language in a stimulating yet natural setting. They will also develop independence, self-awareness, fine motor skills, confidence and social skills.

Through a thematically-structured curriculum, older children learn to create, narrate and tell stories confidently. The programme will also expose children to collaborative problem-solving and movements that encourage presentation, critical thinking and public speaking skills.

Chinese Speech and Drama

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Our Science programme exposes our little ones to the amazing world of science through a thematic-based programme carefully planned to develop every child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.

Young children are naturally curious. They have marvellous imaginations and a keen desire to explore. Thinking Cap Science nurtures this curiosity by allowing them to ask questions and develop their awareness of the world around them as they explore and investigate it.

Studies have shown the importance of allowing students to think and ask questions, without the rush to get the ‘right answers’. Thinking Cap Science seeks to inspire and ignite the world of imagination of every child to achieve their highest potential to be innovative thinkers, future inventors and creative problem solvers!

Some themes in our Programme include The World of Plants and Animals, Earth and Environment, and Science Toy and Physics.

Our Science programme…

  • Encourages the asking of questions
  • Helps children discover the world around them
  • Develops students’ understanding of scientific ideas
  • Encourages exploration and experimentation
  • Fosters Science process skills – Classifying, Observing, Communicating, Predicting, Generating possibilities

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