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A numeracy programme specially designed for pre-schoolers. It aims to build a foundation for mathematics in the primary levels, aligned to the Singapore Mathematics curriculum requirements.

We uses concrete tools to help young learners to do the one-on-one matching with each number, concretising their counting experience before they progress to the abstract stages at a higher level.

A structured programme that gradually progresses your child to mental count confidently and build fundamental mathematics skills.

What will your kids learn

Number Sense

Develops ability to understand, relate and enhance awareness

Mental Arithmetic

Improve child’s efficiency for accurate mental calculation


Develop strong foundation and positives attitude towards mathematical learning

Head start

Exposure to math concept and knowledge through prior support and guidance from our curriculum

Programme Overview

Our Teaching Methodology:

  • Concrete-pictorial-abstract method
  • Engaging and lively manner & deliver number concept
  • Hands-on activities and tactile manipulatives to instil mathematics concepts
  • Application of mathematical concepts to familiar scenarios and daily lives
  • Story-based learning

Why Choose Us?

Effective Pedagogy

Our teachers use age-appropriate pedagogies that engage your child to grasp math concepts and skills, spurring their interests to take up more challenges

Continuous Learning

Coaching and guidance are provided for parents to have fun learning math with your child at home

Inculcate Discipline

Develop the habit of perseverance that is necessary for your child to excel in math