Crestar Elite Dance students continue to win awards in 2020

January 11, 2021

Laraine Leow XingWen

Emily Hewell

About 90 students had the opportunity to enjoy their December holidays in a unique mixed of experiential learning activities over at Crestar Learning Centre over (CLC) three days in December. The ‘Fly with Crestar’ programmes were specially designed to help them engage in unique activities, reflect on the experiences and see how they could do things in a new light, such as solving math problems and improve their spoken Chinese.

There were two programmes, each requiring them to participate in three activities of two-hour duration per day over three days, from 1 to 3 December at CLC Marine Parade and from 8 to 10 December at CLC Jurong East.

Tic-Tac-Toe programme was designed for Children from Kindergarten 1 and Primary 1 and 2.  They were separated into two age-appropriate groups to participate in the activities. The first was 3 in 1 Art-Science-Dance, where they experienced the life-cycle of a butterfly delivered using a multi-sensory approach enabling them to understand and appreciate the science and art behind the life of the insect. Next, was Drama @ the Aquarium a creative speech and drama segment specially designed by Chinese Bridge Language School involving various interesting activities to help them speak more clearly and fluently. Magic of Music and Maths , the third session saw the participants having a fun time appreciating some musical notes and their similarities with numbers to instill a greater appreciation of Math learning.

Below are the winners in five of the competitions held during 2020.

Star of Canaan Dance International Ballet Competition Global 2020

Annabel Eva Shaharudin – placed first in the Pre-professional category in this global competition by CANAAN DANCE, a non-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing performing art talents.

International Ballet Grand Prix Singapore 2020

Laraine Leow XingWen

  • 3rd Prize (Junior 2 Ballet Category)
  • 100% Summer School Scholarship by the National   Theatre Ballet School in Australia (Junior 2 Ballet Category)

Emily Hewell  –  50% Scholarship for IBGPS 2021 Competition (Ballet)

Teri Ong – 50% Scholarship for IBGPS 2021 Competition (Ballet)

Asian Grand Prix 2020 Singapore Regional Competition

Annabel Eva Shaharudin – Bronze Medal (Ballet)

Annabel Eva Shaharudin – 10% Scholarship (Ballet)

Emily Hewell – Merit Award (Ballet)

Youth Arts Festival organised by Singapore Dance Alliance

Tessa Wong and Charlotte Teh (9 Years Old) – Gold Award for Ballet Duo

Ang Shi Qi, Darlane Low & Quek En Ting (12 Years Old) – Gold Award for Ballet Trio

Winners in the Ballet Solo category:

Charlotte Teh (8 Years Old) – Silver Award

Darlane Low (11 Years Old) – Silver Award

Genelle Gan (12 Years Old)  – Silver Award & 25% scholarship to IBGPS Competition

Quek En Ting (11 Years Old) – Bronze Award

Alexis Keh (6 Years Old) – Bronze Award & 25% scholarship to IBGPS Workshop

Ho Yin Chi (10 Years Old) – Bronze & 25% scholarship to IBGPS Workshop

Joy Yu Chenyue (10 Years Old) – 25% scholarship to Youth Arts Festival Competition (Contemporary Solo)

Get the Beat 2020

Annabel Eva Shaharudin

  • 1st place- Solo (11years & Under Acrobatics)
  • Double Platinum – Solo (12 years & Under Contemporary)

Emily Hewell

  • Double Platinum, Solo (10 years & Under Ballet)
  • Double Platinum, Solo (10 years & Under Lyrical)

Candice Yeo Zhi Jing – Platinum, My First Solo Mini

Genelle Gan – Double Platinum, Solo (12 years & Under Ballet)

Ho Yin Chi – Platinum, Solo (10 years old & Under Ballet)

Yeo Zhi Jing Candice – Platinum, My First Solo Mini

Alexis Keh – Platinum, My First Solo Mini

The above are members of the Crestar School of Dance Elite programme launched in October 2019 for students who have the potential to excel and aspire to dance for greater achievements beyond self-development and fun. Those selected for the programme enjoy priority access to exchange trips, master classes and supplementary courses at preferential rates for one year.

Throughout its history since inception in 1977, Crestar School of Dance has groomed award-winning students from as young as three years old. Some have even progressed to continue their dance journey overseas and become professional dancers and instructors.

Some 90 students attend Crestar’s experiential December Holiday Programme
Enrichment providers increase students holiday camps and workshops as on-going Covid- 19 restrictions curtail family travels