Getting children’s creative and coding juices flowing during year-end school holidays

March 31, 2022

With limited holiday options for the long year-end school break, about 450 K1 children found fun and exhilaration in the “Little Investigators & Coding” enrichment programme facilitated by Crestar Learning Centre in December.

The four-hour Zoom session was designed to stimulate the curiosity and spur creativity of the little ones from Skool4Kidz. It helped them to learn from an experiment to understand the Scientific Method of investigation and in an unplugged coding activity to acquire sequencing skills.

In the *scientific method” experiment, the Little Investigators discovered which Gummy Bear expanded fastest in various solutions and how quickly sugar cubes could dissolve in them. Throughout the session, they were guided to think and act like “scientists”. Using simple terms, the facilitators guided the children to observe a problem, ask questions, formulate a hypothesis, test the hypothesis and draw conclusions.

In the unplugged coding activity, the children have to plan and sequence correctly to help Piggy deliver the gummy sweets to cousin Maisy.

During the programme, the children happily immersed themselves in the activities and had fun, making it a school holiday project they would remember for a long time.

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