Thumbs up for Crestar’s Inaugural Virtual Abacus & Maths Competition

April 26, 2022

Crestar Learning Centre held its first Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Virtual Competition on 13 March 2022 to help boost its students’ maths skill and motivate them to achieve their personal best.

Family members who logged on to Zoom to support and cheer the participants, gave positive feedback. Many of them said it was fun and looked forward to seeing more of such activity in future.

The children were divided into six groups according to their academic level from K2 to Secondary 2. They had to do their mental calculations within a stipulated time to provide answers to a series of numbers flashed on the screen.

More than 75 percent of them achieved a standard benchmark against the International Abacus Mental Arithmetic Grading Examination (IAMA).
27% of the participants scored a distinction and each received a ‘Winner’ medal while the rest were presented with certificates of participation.

The mother of Anaisha Bidakar said the competition was “great” for her daughter, especially the effort she had to make to prepare for it. Seth Lim’s parents said their child was very happy to receive a medal for his hard work and it gave him a sense of accomplishment.

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