Crestar organises Parent Enrichment Teacher session

September 9, 2021

Crestar Learning Centre’s has organised a Parent Enrichment Teacher session (PET). The session will serve as a platform for enrichment teachers to reach out to parents of graduating Kindergarten 2 children to help them better prepare their young ones for primary schooling next year.

Held in the month of September and October, teachers will share with parents their observations of the children’s learning and growth. The parents will get an insight into the milestone achievements of their children, including their learning styles and development potential, to enable planning of continuing enrichment support for them.

The sessions will also serve to promote better understanding of how enrichment programmes can help support learning strategies for the young ones and celebrate the children’s completion of the various Crestar enrichment courses.

PSST, fun fact! The Crestar PET invitation card features a mini Tic Tac Toe game that encourages the turning off of our digital devices and connecting with family and friends the old-fashioned way.

Crestar Learning Centre offers a wide range of enrichment programmes including Abacus, Art, Dance, Math, Science, Chinese & English Speech and Drama, as well as Music.

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