Crestar brings ‘Thinking Cap Science’ to preschools

July 23, 2021

Thinking Cap Science now in Preschools: Exploring, Experimenting and Experiencing.

Crestar Learning Centre’s has launched its latest programme, Thinking Cap Science. The programme now being taught by our teachers in some preschool centres at the Kindergarten levels.

Meticulously designed and theme-based, the programme helps children explore the amazing world of science in a fun way that supports the development of their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.

The programme exposes little ones to the world of Science and nurtures their curiosity by prompting them to ask questions. Children also develop an awareness of the world around them as they explore and experiment.

Some themes in our Thinking Cap Science programme include The World of Plants & Animals, Earth & Environment, Science toys and Physics.

Thinking Cap Science programme:

  • Stimulate exploration and experimentation for children to discover the world around them
  • Encourages enquiry learning
  • Develops children’s understanding of scientific ideas
  • Promotes processing skills – classification, observation, communication, prediction, generation of possibilities

Why Science?
Science is an important subject in the STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering and mathematics) multidisciplinary approach to learning.

Studies have shown the importance of encouraging students to think and ask questions, without the rush to get the ‘right answers’. Thinking Cap Science inspires and ignites every child’s world of imagination to help them achieve their highest potential to be innovative thinkers, future inventors and creative problem solvers.

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