Crestar dance students put up spectacular concert performance

January 29, 2020

Crestar School of Dance students once again show that they have the poise, skill and confidence on stage when they put up a spectacle performance at the School’s annual concert on 18 August 2019.

Our ever-graceful student ballerinas striking a pose, epitomising poise and confidence.

Held at the National University of Singapore Cultural Centre with the theme “Magical Museum: An Odyssey of Wonders”, the concert featured some 500 students showcasing a wide range of dance genres ranging from ballet and hip hop, to belly dance.

Over one thousand other students, family members and audiences watched the spellbound story of how a pair of sisters shared their love for the arts, through an adventure into an enchanted museum where they unlocked a magical chest that brought the concert to life. It unwrapped the magical wonders and beauty of dance, as well as the Arts, eliciting enthusiastic applause and roars of approval from the audience.

It took six months for the students, ranging from five to 40 years old, to practice and stage a flawless and captivating show choreographed by the hardworking teachers who spent many hours training them for their big day.

Our young and talented dancers showing off their passion for the craft.

“I enjoyed the dance performances, especially the Swan Lake piece, which was beautifully choreographed and showcased,” said Tamie Wong Jun Er, a School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA) alumni in the audience.

The annual concert is part of Crestar School of Dance’s continuing effort to give the students opportunity to showcase what they have learnt and further develop their skills, poise and grace. They also gained precious experience and renewed confidence for stage performances.

And… It’s a wrap for our annual hallmark concert! Kudos to all our teachers and performers!

Those attending the concert also had the opportunity to enjoy a display of art works created by the art students of Crestar Learning Centre (CLC), situated at the foyer of the concert hall. The display was put up as part of the launch of an Art Fest featuring competitions and exhibitions across all CLC centres.

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