Preschoolers do well in Chinese Proficiency Assessment under Crestar’s Creative Chinese Drama Programme

March 13, 2024

Preschoolers attending the Crestar Chinese Creative Drama enrichment programme can track their language proficiency yearly through an international assessment exercise.

The children who took the benchmarking exercise in November 2023 performed well, helping their parents to know their progress in the use of the Chinese language.

Currently, some 400 students from several preschools are attending the enrichment programme, including those from Skool4Kidz.

Crestar Learning Centre (CLC) is the only private enrichment provider to offer the assessment as part of its Chinese Creative Drama programme.

What is the assessment about?
Students attending this programme have the option to take the international Youth Chinese language proficiency assessment (YCT). It gauges young students’ ability to use the Chinese language in their daily and academic lives. With the benchmarking, parents can know in a timely manner their children’s Chinese proficiency level, which can  help them in their learning progress.

The YCT consists of a reading module and a listening module, which are independent of each other. The writing module has four levels, whereas the speaking one has two – Beginner and Intermediate.

This international assessment standard is developed and administered by China’s Centre for Language Education and Cooperation. In Singapore it is administered by Crestar HSK Education & Assessment Centre.  More than  2,000 kindergarten and primary school students in Singapore have taken the assessment every year since the YCT was launched globally in 2006.

Why do we send our students for the assessment?
This assessment exercise helps to supplement our Creative Chinese Drama students’ learning of the language in a more fun and effective way. At the same time, YCT allows us to track their progress and to better reinforce our enrichment programme for them.

What are the benefits?
At Level 1 the preschoolers can understand and use some of the most common Chinese phrases and sentences and will be able to further their Chinese language studies. When they advance to Level 4, they will be able to communicate in Chinese at a basic level in their daily lives.

Children get to learn and understand Chinese phrases and sentences while attending our Creative Chinese Drama

The assessment exercise further strengthens the children’s Chinese language foundation, in addition to what they learn in school. Enquire with us now to find out more on the CLC’s Creative Chinese Drama programme.

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