Standard of Crestar’s Abacus competition continues to improve

September 30, 2023

The 20th edition of Crestar Learning Centre’s (CLC) Abacus & Mental Arithmetic competition held on 10 September 2023 continued to see marked improvement in the standard of its participants.

CLC student during the competition

Designed to challenge the calculation speed and accuracy of its students, the
event held at Crestar’s Marine Parade centre attracted more than 70 entries.

The participants ranging from five to 17 years old were divided into five categories – namely Kindergarten, Primary 1, Primary 2, Primary 3 & 4, and Primary 5 and above.

As the aim was to help the students develop their concentration and mental agility, each participant had to answer 60 math questions within 5 five minutes. They could use either the abacus or mental calculation. The difficulty level varied according to the age categories.

CLC student focusing during the competition

The standard for some groups this year showed encouraging improvement. For example, the highest score in Group A was 420 out of 600 this year compared to last year, which was 350 out of 600.

There were five top winners in each category. The highest scorer received a Gold trophy. Other participants each received an Encouragement Award for their efforts.

Feedback from the students was very positive and encouraging.

“The competitive environment gave Isaac a chance to experience the difference in standard and sense of appreciation between awards. My favourite moment is Isaac sense of achievement when receiving the appreciation award”

Parents of Isaac from Crestar , @ Hougang

“The preparation for the competition was great for the child. It increases the pace of learning for her. The actual event boosts confidence and also helped my child to learn from mistakes.”

Parents of Anaisha Bidarkar from Crestar, @ Marine Parade
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