Unveiling a More Exciting ArtMazing Programme

June 19, 2023

Our curriculum

Crestar’s ArtMazing programme has undergone regular revisions and improvements over the years, resulting in a more engaging and effective learning experience for children.

Drawing from the progress of our students, we are thrilled to introduce the revised ArtMazing programme, now with an enhanced interdisciplinary approach. By infusing subjects such as math, science, and history into their artistic journey, we aim to expand the creative boundaries and holistic development of our students.

The ArtMazing programme goes beyond teaching skills, techniques, genres, and mediums. It cultivates greater creativity, innovation, and self-confidence, enriching artistic experiences and output.

Using Art to Communicate Science:

Art has the unique ability to present science in a fresh and captivating way. Through an artistic lens, students are encouraged to explore natural phenomena and interpret scientific discoveries, enabling them to communicate complex concepts in an easily understandable manner. This integration also highlights the interconnections between art and science, allowing students to appreciate the collaborative nature of these disciplines.

Appreciating Math through Art:

Artists, mathematicians, and architects alike rely on spatial reasoning skills and the ability to recognize patterns in their work. By incorporating math into the ArtMazing programme, we unlock a world of patterns, symmetry, and geometry for children to appreciate and understand. They learn to apply mathematical concepts in their artistic creations, fostering a deeper connection between the two subjects.

Journeying through History with Renowned Artists:

By delving into the art of the past and exploring the works of renowned artists, students gain a greater understanding of historical events and cultures. This journey through history helps them appreciate the inseparable link between art and culture, and the significant role art plays in shaping the history of various countries. Understanding the context behind artistic expressions enhances students’ appreciation for diverse cultures and fosters a global perspective.

For more information: https://crestar.com.sg/art/

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