Crestar Learning Centre wins 6 Awards in International Comics Art Contest

December 1, 2022

Students win 3 Excellent and 1 Bronze Awards

Crestar Learning Centre (CLC) clinched six awards in the 2022 International Children’s Comics Contest (ICCC) held recently in Hangzhou, China.

It submitted a total of 30 entries in July and August from students four to nine years old. Three of them won Excellent Awards and one student received a Bronze Award.  CLC was presented with an Excellent Organisation Award, while one of its art teachers won an Excellent Teacher Award.

The contest was open to children under the age of 18. Participants were given option to present their artworks based on such themes as national and cultural identify, environmental protection, care for humanity, and visions of the future.

Chen Peng Wen, age 7, from CLC Woodlands Civic Centre  clinched an Excellent Award for her four-panel cartoon strip entitled 海洋生病了(The Ocean is Sick), which is about protecting marine life. Doris Wang Yangdi, age 10, from CLC Marine Parade won an Excellent Award for her 神秘的金字塔 (Mysterious Pyramid), which depicted a cultural heritage. Chong Wei Xuan, age 6, from Kinderland @ Choa Chu Kang also took an Excellent Award for her cultural rendition of – 年味 (Flavour of the Year). Cherry Lyn, age 9, from CLC Woodlands Civic Centre got a Bronze for her submission of 福虎临们 (Welcoming the Fortune Tiger), another cultural depiction.

Our teacher, Ms Tay Yin Yin won the Excellent Teacher Award for coaching the outstanding winners.  Crestar Learning Centre, too, was recognised with an Excellent Organisation Award.

The award winners each received a certificate. Each of the four contest winners will also receive an album containing all the winning entries of the year’s contest.

ICCC is co-hosted by the Executive Committee Office of CICAF and the China Association for Children’s Plastic Arts. The Executive Organizer is the Hangzhou Youth and Children Centre, China.

Originally open to only Chinese cities, the contest organisers in 2014 extended it to other countries and regions such as Malaysia, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Russia, Singapore, and Taiwan province.

Art piece by Chong Wei Xuan, 6, Excellent Award

Art piece by Cherry Lyn, 9, Bronze Award

Art piece by Chen Peng Wen, 7, Excellent Award

Art piece by Doris Wang Yangdi, 10, Excellent

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