November 1, 2022

Crestar Learning Centre (CLC) turns 45 years old this year and is looking forward to further expand its offering of programmes in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic.

The Centre began with the launch of ballet classes for young children in 1977 as a department under Yamaha Music School. Over the years, it expanded its suite of programmes to include creative art, music, and academic enrichment such as abacus and math, and language studies.

Many trained and talented teachers and instructors from Singapore, Malaysia, China and Taiwan have over the years provided their expertise to support the learning needs of our students.

CLC has to date helped to nurture more than 40,000 young children who have gone on to further develop and succeed in their chosen fields of excellence.

It has continued to evolve its programmes and has started collaborating with a social enterprise – Distinct Creative Arts, which uses dance as a tool to educate, engage, and empower youths, including those at risk.

With the easing of the COVID restrictions, Crestar Learning Centre organised 5 Open House sessions across all centres to invite parents and students to reignite their passion for arts. Trial classes were organised for students to experience our programmes such as Ballet, Speech & Drama, Art and Abacus.

In Jan 2023, Crestar is setting up an “Arts for All” facility in Hougang Street 21 to provide inclusive and accessible programmes to outreach to the area’s community of children, senior citizens and those with special needs. The new centre will involve collaboration with Distinct Creative Arts and another new partner, Zoo-phonics School, that offers playful, unique, effective approach to reading success for young children.

More exciting news on this initiative will be announced in due course.

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday CRESTAR LEARNING CENTRE!

Parents waiting for their children to finish their trial class @ Jurong East

Little children making a spider lollipop with some art accessories.

Crestar’s Abacus competition back after 2-year break
Crestar Learning Centre wins 6 Awards in International Comics Art Contest