Our Abacus & Art Classes Go Online For Virtual Classroom Learning

April 24, 2020

With the Circuit Breaker in place until 1 June, Crestar Learning Centre has shifted its physical classroom classes temporarily to the online platform for our students to learn in the comfort of their homes.

Our Art and Abacus teachers had earlier, upon receiving news of temporary enrichment class suspension, launched a plan that will allow them to conduct lessons using our Virtual Classroom. Some new ideas in learning have also been introduced.

Actual teaching is conducted with “live” demonstrations and instructions on whiteboard and, where necessary, they are supplemented with video clips or other teaching aids prepared by our teachers.

Learning Art, especially for a younger age group, ideally should be hands-on with real-life demonstration and guidance. Our live, interactive e-learning in our Virtual Classroom strives to do the same with our teachers demonstrating, giving instructions and showing examples on screen, with students able to ask questions and receive replies instantaneously.

Students can also share their completed artworks simultaneously with others in the “classroom” and have constructive discussions.

Similarly for Abacus, “live” demonstration of problem solving on the use of the device can be viewed clearly by all in the Virtual Classroom and students can interact with the teacher and have their queries answered instantaneously.

Where necessary, students can download study notes in advance to prepare for their lessons, as well as revision exercise papers for their homework.

Teachers can explain and ask questions on the digital whiteboard and also use charts, videos and other digital resources, including animated images, for the lessons.

A couple of new learning ideas have also been gradually introduced in the home study format. Both the Abacus and Art classes use step-by-step teaching at a pace that can be adjusted to suit the students’ comfort level, with regular “off screen” rest periods. A “Visible Thinking” routine is gradually being incorporated into lessons. This is to encourage students to make careful observations and thoughtful interpretations, and have their curiosity stimulated to set the stage for inquiry.

Every online class concludes with a reflection session for the students to recap the key learning points and receive feedback on their progress. They are also encouraged to be thankful for what they have learned and express how they would like to make improvement in the next lesson.

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