Help your child to excel in Chinese with Crestar’s Creative Chinese Drama

May 29, 2024

The Creative Chinese Drama enrichment programmme conducted by Crestar Learning Centre (CLC) has proven to be effective in improving young children’s learning of the Chinese language.

This has been evident in their successful participation in a benchmarking exercise to track their language proficiency.

CLC is the only private enrichment provider to offer the Youth Chinese language proficiency assessment (YCT) as part of its Chinese Creative Drama programme. The YCT helps parents to know their children’s progress in the learning of the Chinese language.

Advantages of Crestar’s Creative Chinese Drama

Under this enrichment programme, children learn the Chinese language by doing things the fun way in a pressure-free environment. Creative drama lets kids tap into their creativity and express themselves in Mandarin.

At Crestar, we use Internet-based mini games to stimulate children’s interest. They enjoy role-playing, storytelling, and acting out scenes, during which they actively use Chinese words and phrases.

Furthermore, by doing things in groups, they learn to work as teams and communicate only in Chinese! This engaging approach helps makes what they have learned to be retained better.

Moreover, the wide range of activities helps them to build up confidence, which enhance their ability to present themselves in front of a group.

Preparation for YCT Assessment

In Creative Chinese Drama programme, we integrate YCT’s vocabulary and sentence structures into the children’s learning, which helps prepare them for the assessment. We acquaint children with the YCT assessment procedures and question types beforehand, enabling them to confidently sit through the assessment.

Take a step forward and bring your child for a Creative Chinese Drama Trial Class now!

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