Skool4Kidz Free Trials 2022

Is Your Child Ready for Primary One?

Congratulations to your little one who has reached another milestone! Crestar Learning Centre is excited to be part of your child’s learning journey and help them transit into Primary One with confidence. Sign up for our free trials in the form below.



We have specially curated a 2-hour programme for your little ones to embark on their primary school journey.

Programme Overview:

  • Good impression counts – be it with teachers or friends. If your child has a good relationship with the teachers and makes new friends, it will boost their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Entering a ‘big’ school may be daunting for your child and they may experience a culture shock. Our programme will prep your child essential presentation and communication skills that will give them a head start at this exciting milestone in their learning journey.
  • Different scenarios will be created to allow problem solving skills, such as usage of pocket money, etiquettes, mannerisms etc

Programme Objectives:

Through exciting and lively lessons with class discussions, games, role-plays and interactive activities, students will learn to:

  • Prepare a self-introduction;
  • Communicate effectively and courteously with teachers, classmates, and people in school;
  • Present confidently in front of an audience


Our model Chinese students 双双全全 will learn to read, speak and write with our students in Chinese lesson, designed to prepare your child for Chinese in primary one, with the introduction of key vocabulary from the primary one syllabus. Areas covered include:

  • Hanyu Pinyin   汉语拼音
  • Oral reading skills   阅读技巧
  • Basic writing 基本书写
  • Holding conversations in Chinese    华语会话

Programme Information:

Level: K2 students in year 2022

Date: 3 Dec 2022

Time: 10am – 12pm (Chinese Programme)

1pm – 3pm (English Programme)

Lunch break will be provided for students enrolled in 2 sessions

Venue: Marine Parade Crestar Learning Centre

Fee:  $10 for 1 session / $20 for 2 sessions (excluding GST)

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