Crestar’s Overseas Scholarship Programme at the Royal Ballet School (UK)

After four decades of nurturing the finest dancers, Crestar School of Dance has once more shown its dedication by awarding an overseas scholarship to one of its outstanding students – 13-year-old Heng Mun Ling.

Mun Ling will be attending the inaugural Spring Programme organised by The Royal Ballet School (United Kingdom), which will be held at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. The panel of this prestigious training programme selected Mun Ling, amongst many who have applied, as she demonstrated an exceptional aptitude and attitude in dance.

Mun Ling executing a perfect Grand Jeté at the 2017 CSTD Singapore Regional Competition.

Mun Ling will have the privilege of undergoing the tutelage by top notch trainers of The Royal Ballet School whom have nurtured many renowned world-class dancers. It is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the academy’s unique system of training which is exclusive to its full-time students.

Mun Ling at the 2013 Crestar Dance Competition, where she won her first 1st Prize in the Ballet Solo category for 9 & under.

Mun Ling’s journey with Crestar School of Dance started when she was six years old. Within a short 3 years, the young talent very quickly blossomed and won her very 1st Prize in the solo category of Crestar’s Dance Competition, and 2nd Prize in the CSTD Singapore Regional Competition.

Since then, she has bagged over eighteen Gold placements through a wide range of competitions, including the CSTD Singapore Regionals, Hong Kong Challenge Cup, Asian Grand Prix and Get the Beat (GTB). In 2015, Mun Ling was named the Junior Championship winner in the highly sought-after GTB Singapore Champion of Champions competition.

Mun Ling with Ms Greta Brinsley (left) and Ms Symiko De Van Schueren (right) at the GTB KL Teen Solo Championship competition.

In the recent GTB Asia Finals 2017, she once again brought home the title of the Junior Championship. That same year, Mun Ling was also named the Teen Championship winner at the GTB KL Champion of Champions competition.

For Mun Ling, it is not about winning the competitions. Rather, whether she has grown as a dancer. And one very important figure who helped her achieve that is none other than her dance teacher, Ms Joan Wang. Ms Joan has been with her every step of the way, providing valuable guidance and support to hone her techniques.

Mun Ling with Ms Joan Wang, her dance teacher of 8 years, at the 2017 CSTD Singapore Regional Competition where she won 1st Prize and Perpetual Trophy for both 13 & under Classical Solo and Lyrical Solo categories.

“Ms Joan inspires me,” says Mun Ling, about her dance teacher, “Although I am not the most talented dancer, she believes in me and constantly pushes me to improve myself. She has always been there to support and guide me through every step of the way.”

Ms Joan’s dedication as a dance teacher is shown by her constant lookout for learning opportunities for her students. She frequently provides her students platforms such as ballet masterclasses and competitions, to learn, perform and express themselves.

On the other side, Ms Joan explained how she spotted the potential of young Mun Ling, “It was the magical sparkle in her eyes, as well as her constant exuberance of the pure sense of love and enjoyment when she dances”.

Mun Ling’s passion, drive and positive attitude are what Ms Joan attributes to her achievements today.

“Her journey as a dancer has not always been smooth-sailing. There were moments of set-backs, but rather than throwing in the towel, Mun Ling persisted to never give up and pushed herself to do better. After years and years of hard work, I am very proud of how far Mun Ling has grown and developed as a dancer.”

On Mun Ling attending the Spring programme, Ms Joan commented, “I hope that that she will be more inspired to pursue her dreams and gain new insights through the training on how to become a professional dancer.”

The 2018 Royal Ballet School Spring Programme will commence in March this year. The programme is also part of their search for talent around the world, as participants will stand the rare chance to audition for a place at The Royal Ballet School during the programme.

We wish Mun Ling safe travels as she makes her way to Hong Kong, and a fruitful training session with one of the world’s best!

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